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Dorchester’s Premier Martial Arts Gym

Dorchester Martial Arts is West Dorset’s number 1 training facility. We run over 30 classes a week and specialise in helping our clients improve their fitness, confidence, and self-defence skills through group classes and 121 training.


We boast the most qualified and experienced coaches in the area who are dedicated to helping you learn Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing skills. Our full-time gym contains a huge matted training area, a selection of top quality pads and punch bags, matted and caged walls and everything else you would need for a professional martial arts experience.

Why Choose Us?

Beginners Course

The Beginners course is our exciting introduction to the world of Martial Arts. Our primary goal during these sessions is to give you the fitness base, skills and knowledge to safely join our group classes

Full Time Gym

The gym contains a huge matted area, a selection of top quality pads, punch bags, CrossFit rigs, Olympic weights, kettlebells, and everything else you would need for a professional Martial Arts experience

Expert Instruction

We boast the most qualified and experienced instructors in the area and regularly host seminars and gradings with internationally recognised instructors.

What to do next

Sign up and book your beginners course now!

Every new member is guided through our beginner’s course, this allows you to progress at your own pace and join our group classes when you feel confident to do so whilst giving you the chance to get to know our gym and instructors personally.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide classes that cater to all age groups and abilities, we offer adults classes, ladies only classes and children’s classes in each of the martial arts we provide. So, whether your goal is to compete, earn a black belt, improve your overall fitness or just enjoy learning a new skill then Dorchester Martial Arts has a programme for you!

If you’d like more information about our classes and how we can help you achieve your goals then fill in the form to get started.

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