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Welcome To Dorchester Martial Arts

Dorchester’s Premier Martial Arts Gym

Dorchester Martial Arts is West Dorset’s number 1 training facility. We specialise in helping our clients learn Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Self Protection skills while getting fitter and having fun through group classes and personal training.

We realise that every new member will begin training with a different level of training experience and understanding of martial arts. We also appreciate that joining a group class without adequate training in basic martial arts movements is both daunting and can potentially lead to injury.

At Dorchester Martial Arts every new member is guided through a 1-2-1 Fundamentals course, this allows you to progress at your own pace and join our group classes when you feel confident to do so whilst giving you the chance to get to know our gym and instructors personally.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a diverse range of martial arts programmes that cater to all ages and capabilities . So whether your goal is to compete, earn a black belt, improve your overall fitness or just enjoy learning a new skill then Dorchester Martial Arts has a programme for you!

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Why choose us

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The 1-2-1 Fundamentals course is our exciting introduction to the world of Martial Arts. Our primary goal during these sessions is to give you the fitness base, skills and knowledge to safely join our group classes.

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The gym contains a huge matted area, a selection of top quality pads, punch bags, Crossfit rigs, olympic weights, kettlebells and everything else you would need for a professional Martial Arts experience.

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As well as our own highly qualified in house coaches, we also regularly host seminars and gradings with internationally recognised instructors.

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What clients say

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[dt_sc_h2 class=”aligncenter”]Mrs. Streak[/dt_sc_h2]

“As a member I think Dorchester Martial Arts is a fantastically positive and healthy environment, where discipline and respect is instilled and is achieved through encouragement and perseverance. Each individual’s efforts are recognised and rewarded. Highly recommended!”

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[dt_sc_h2 class=”aligncenter”]Mr. Parr[/dt_sc_h2]

“I have been attending for more than a year. As the gym has expanded, so has my strength, fitness and confidence. I have been promoted within the belts and now have an opportunity to compete in Thai Boxing, all thanks to the gym and its community.”

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[dt_sc_h2 class=”aligncenter”]Mr. Meakin[/dt_sc_h2]

“Luke is a quality instructor, he has great knowledge of grappling, not just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also other grappling arts. Having trained at another BJJ clubs I quickly learnt the effectiveness of catch wrestling, judo and sambo first hand!”

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[dt_sc_h2]What to do next?[/dt_sc_h2]

If you’d like more information about our classes and how we can help you achieve your goals then click the box below to get started.

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