We specialise in helping children and young adults get fit and socialise through the use of Martial Arts

To ensure your child gets the best possible start in their martial arts training, we start all new members with a 30 minute 121 session with their instructor. During this session they’ll be shown where to line up, how to bow and learn some basic techniques. This short session will reduce your child’s anxiety when they start their first group class as they’ll be familiar with the gym, know at least one friendly face and not be completely lost at the start of the lesson.

We understand that there is a huge difference between the abilities and maturity of a 5yr old and an 11yr old, that’s why we offer two age specific children’s classes for each martial art, this ensures your child gets the appropriate instruction for his or her age group. While both classes have an emphasis on self-discipline and confidence building, each class will approach it in a very different way and only learn the techniques appropriate for that age group.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a diverse range of martial arts programmes that cater to all ages and capabilities.

So, whether you feel your child needs to exercise more, improve concentration and behaviour or just make new friends then Dorchester Kids Martial Arts has a programme for them!