NEW: Beginners Martial Arts Courses

Would you like to learn Muay Thai Boxing or Jiu Jitsu from our expert coaches?
Would you like to lead a healthier life without joining the gym?
Would you like to learn how to protect yourself or your loved ones?
Do you feel nervous about joining a group class without knowing what you’re doing?
Our new Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beginners course is the answer! This four week course will give you the fitness base, Martial Arts skills and knowledge to safely join our group classes.

Why we only teach 3 martial arts

Why we only teach three martial arts

I’m a huge believer that less is definitely more when looking at a Martial arts clubs timetable, that’s why at Dorchester Martial Arts we only coach three martial arts and avoid anything else that takes us away from our core service such as Birthday party’s, bootcamps or pilates. It would be easy for us to fill our schedule with lots of different martial arts, after all that might bring in a more diverse customer base and we certainly have the qualifications and talent pool to offer double the arts we currently coach. But we won’t and never will and in this blog I’m going to explain why…